Expand your development team to Macedonia

Hire your own quality programmers to work from our offices in Macedonia. You have complete control over their salaries, holidays and how you want to manage them. Join the new way of remote development.

How does it work?

Why Personal Programmer?

You control managing the team and individual programmers, we make it all possible in Macedonia.


The quality of Macedonian programmers is as high as in any other country. You have control in the selection process and select the programmers according to your standards.


Waiting for a job offer to be filled in? The wait is over. In Macedonia there are plenty of skilled programmers hoping to work for you.


Our collaboration can always be ended within two months notice. It doesn't matter if someone has worked 1 month of 10 years for your company.

Low cost

Programmers through Personal Programmer cost 40% average of the costs to employ a programmer in your country. For examples please contact us



Nick van der Leeuw - Founder


We make use of Personal Programmer’s service since 2014 to great satisfaction. Our accountmanagers go to Skopje multiple times a year to really connect with the programmers.

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KYOS Energy Consulting

Cyriel de Jong - Founder

KYOS Energy Consulting<

Within two weeks Personal Programmer found great candidates who we tested and eventually hired. Our newly recruited programmers became a part of our Dutch team right away, with the only exception that they worked from an office far from ours.

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Arthur Roskott - Founder


Through Personal Programmer we came in contact with highly educated and motivated programmers. Also the costs were just a fraction of the costs for programmers in The Netherlands.

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Jeroen van der Geest - Founder


Every programmer in Macedonia is linked to a programmer in The Netherlands. We call this the ‘buddy-system’, this way every programmer has their own buddy and this strengthens the bond between the people in Macedonia and Amsterdam.

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Daniël Cronie - Founder


After three months we were so satisfied we hired more programmers. Because there is no difference in timezone between Macedonia and The Netherlands and the fluent communication with our programmers our expectations were exceeded.

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Philip de Koning - Eigenaar


The fact they work from your offices in Skopje along with other programmers had a very good influence.

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